BatteryTech Now Free Open Source (BSD License)!

We think this is a great game engine, especially for programmers who really just love to write code that does what they want. The market has shifted heavily toward WYSIWYG game editor environments which is surely something you could build with BatteryTech but isn't what the goal of the product ever was. The goal of BatteryTech SDK is to provide a thin and high performance layer that lets the developer focus on the unique parts of their game and deploy to the most important markets of the time. We still love this product, so we're giving to the world for free.

iOS 8 Compatibility Update

Greetings BatteryTech users! It's been an interesting last 18 months. We haven't had to do almost any updates to the product because it has been very stable across platform updates - until the most recent XCode 6 / iOS 8 update from Apple. We will be posting an update very soon which addresses the rotation issue on iOS 8 and provides a newer XCode project to work from. Everything else appears to be in good standing, so if you've already patched, feel free to share the code with others, otherwise watch for the update soon. Thanks!

Dogecoin License Special!

We love Doge. We love Doge so much, we're willing to make an insane price cut just to support it. Here's the offer - Buy a BatteryTech indie license, normally $249, for a mere 40,000 Doge. Today, that's about $25.75 according to, but it could change wildly when you read this. You may get a better or worse deal, but it's a good deal no matter how you slice it!

Official Linux Support

Tux Rejoices! BatteryTech Engine now builds and runs in Linux. We have tested using Ubuntu 10 and 12 and would like to thank our users for helping us work out a few Alsa bugs. We are working on adding a free binary executable of the engine which developers can use, but for the time being they will have to build it from source which is only available to licensees. To use the new Linux support, please download the latest nightly source distribution available on the download page.

BatteryTech 2.0.2 Released

BatteryTech 2.0.2 was just released. This release includes an Ouya engine project, several bug fixes, integration of the GLEW library and some associated OpenGL extension-handling code which allows BatteryTech Engine to run on some older GPUs. We added a proper framebuffer extension check so if a GPU can support it, it will use it, otherwise it simply won't have those capabilities enabled. This update can be downloaded in the Download area.

Video: BatteryTech Engine Demo on Ouya Console

Here's a little video we made of BatteryTech Engine running on Ouya. This is using the project "btluaengine/android-ouya" which you will be able to download starting with the 2013-01-30 nightly source archive.


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